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Over 10 years on the market Experience, Service, tests of sprayers performance, sales of components, warranty and post-warranty repairs of the sprayers.

We are a family-owned business located in the Kujawy-Pomerania Province in central Poland. We are familiar with the rural environment, needs and problems of the Polish farmers. From the very beginning, we have been operating based on the mission which is to equip the farmsteads with the highest-quality equipment for soil cultivation, conditioning and plant protection. Our machinery is designed in accordance with the concepts of farmers - their opinions and suggestions are the most important guidance for us. To meet our customers’ expectations we are constantly working to improve the quality of our services. We try to apply individual and flexible approach for each order. Our offer includes subsoilers, disk harrows and sprayers with tank capacities from 700 - 4200 litres, with lances between 15 and 24 meters metres long, with manual unfolding and hydraulic lifting or hydraulic lifting and unfolding options. The machinery has earned the confidence of Polish and foreign farmers. Our machines are sold to Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.



AGROFART Marcin Różycki
Dąblin 22
88-140 Gniewkowo

+48 668-675-345 - Marcin
+48 668-823-675 - Gabriel

+48 696-094-012 - Anna

+48 668-030-041 - Magda

+48 690-080-932 - Anna

+48 790-216-810 - Kamil

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